Caring for your eyelashes.

  • Removing your eyelashes:
    Once you're ready to take the lashes off, just get a light grip on the outer corner of the lash strip, and slowly and gently pull them off. The glue does not dry hard as a rock- it remains flexible so it will not pull or be painful. Keep in mind, when applying the lashes you want to get them as close to the lashline as possible without being ON the lashes themselves. This way when you remove the strip of lashes - you won't pull out any of your own. However If you do get some glue on your natural lashes - don't freak out. If you're gentle, you can still get them off without losing your own lashes.
  • Cleaning you eyelashes:
    To clean your false lashes, we recommend any eye makeup remover, and gently clean them with some Q-tip. We recommend cleaning them soon after your wear them to keep them sterile. Gently remove the glue from the band taking care not to pull at the lash hairs.
  • It's a good idea to hold onto the case that your Myleah lashes came in, in order to keep them nice and neat. After a few uses they may not bond to the plastic like they originally did, but that's ok. They're safe in there! 
With good care your eyelashes should last you up to 25 wears. Please do not use mascara on mink eyelashes as this will ruin the fur.
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